Time for Roof Replacement – 9 Red Flags

Your car breaks down? Replace it. Frayed or stained carpets and rugs? Replace them. Clothes too tight or worn out? Replace them. And your roof? Give it a replacement asap before the sky bursts and it pours on you. Unless there are emergencies like fires, a collapse or a crush by the nearest tree branches, many owners are relaxed and see no urgency in making roof replacements. Eight indications that you need a roof replacement are here-below your nose.

1: Older than two decades. Normally roofs are to last 20 years as per the warranties after purchase. Longer than this, you should start saving for a new roof lest it becomes lame and fails to diligently serve you. If your neighbors are having new roofs erected, follow suit.

2: Missing shingles. Shingles could drop but replacing them twice or thrice isn’t a problem. However, this may bring about color imbalance and the aesthetic aspect of your roof becomes unsightly. Getting new shingles that resemble the older ones is nearly impossible. Color schemes have become dynamic and over the years certain color types are difficult to come across. Replace your roof friend and save yourself unnecessary strain and stress.

3: Cracked shingles. Damages from wind leaves you with cracked shingles. How this happens will detect if you need a repair or replacement. Repairs can last you up to five years. Cracks on one area are manageable unlike random areas where the escape route is disposal and considering a replacement.

4: Perforated roof visible from the attic. Shafts of light penetrating through your attic means rain too can. Snow and cold will find their way and your household may freeze all night. Light and stains from water are a good sign that you need a replacement. As it rains, if the droplets become larger, begin worrying. Smaller perforations can be sealed with roof stick.

5: A saggy roof. When the entire roof sags, then your upper structure needs to be checked. Decks in the attic could be misaligned or support structures in the foundation could be the cause. This situation is better dealt with before the sagging becomes dangerous. Undo the affected section and fix. If it worsens, you need to make a date with the hardware men.

6: Gutters with granules. Cleaning up your gutters ensures you harvest clean rain water free from solid waste. As you clean, the site of granules if your roof is over a decade or one and a half, begin worrying. The granules protect the asphalt from the sun’s intensity. The sun quickly roasts your shingles and within no time you need to reinvest in a new roof.

7: Curling shingles. Curling in roofs is a deformity that could happen in two-cupping and clawing. If the edges of your shingles are turning upwards, they are cupping. Flat edges yet the middle comes up, that’s clawing. Nothing else, your roof is wearing and a slight situation could last you until five years. Otherwise you need a replacement.

8: When it’s a breeding ground for algae and moss. You value how your roof looks? You definitely need to replace it once you notice algae and mold growing on your shingles or tiled roof. This can be toxic if you collect rain water for home use. Do not physically scrape off the algae, you might damage the granules and add insult to injury. The new shingles in the market are algae and moss resistant. While renewing your roof put this in mind.

9: Eroded paint making your roof look bad from a distance. A poor looking roof is unsightly and renders you less when it comes to aesthetics. Damage by extreme weather conditions makes your roof wear off when the paint, peels or begins to for bubbles because of moisture absorption. Repainting may not be a long lasting solution. Your shingles looking darker than they were? Get the entire roof down and replace with a new durable roof type.

Roofing is a delicate section in building and construction. Employ services of service men from a reputable roofing firm. This will save you from the hands of quacks who do shoddy work and the repair expenses you will incur. If your roof needs replacement, do this with urgency to avoid disaster in case your roof drops in your house and damages your household stuff. It is time to get a roof replacement.